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With the Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, there is a growing movement to prevent passive smoking in Japan, and the number of places where paper cigarettes can be smoked is gradually decreasing. Heated cigarettes, which are considered relatively safe, are also subject to restrictions, and many users may be feeling a sense of entitlement. On the other hand, VAPEs, which do not use tobacco leaves at all, have been recognized for their safety by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other local governments, and are attracting attention as a device that can be used anywhere as long as the minimum moral standards are observed. By the way, what exactly is the appeal of VAPEs, which are beginning to gain recognition in Japan?

Smoke reduction and smoking cessation effects

For those who want to quit smoking paper cigarettes, a vape can be useful as a device to assist in reducing or quitting smoking. In fact, vapes are recommended as a smoking cessation aid in Europe and the United States, and some people have successfully made the transition to vaping by repeatedly simulating smoking with vapor. There are also many liquid products on the market that faithfully reproduce the aroma of cigarettes, and they are very popular among former smokers. In the beginning, it is recommended to use a vape in combination with cigarettes while gradually reducing the amount of smoking. However, using a vape does not necessarily mean that you will be able to reduce or quit smoking, so do not put too much hope in the vape's effectiveness, but rather be strong-willed in your efforts to quit smoking.

Lower cost than regular cigarettes

Let's look at the reasons why vapes are said to have lower running costs than cigarettes by comparing specific figures for each. In the case of paper cigarettes, assuming that you consume one pack a day of a product that costs about 450 yen per pack, it would cost 13,500 yen for one month, or 30 days. Generally speaking, 0.1 ml of vape liquid is equivalent to one cigarette, so let's recalculate by assuming that consuming a pack of cigarettes per day means consuming 2 ml of liquid. Note that the amount of liquid consumed varies slightly depending on the amount of vapor inhaled at one time, the specifications of the vape device, and other factors, so the figures here should be considered only as a rough guide.

If you consume 2ml of a 15ml bottle of liquid sold at 1000 yen per day, you will need 60ml of liquid per month, or 4000 yen. Furthermore, in addition to the liquid, the cost of replacing consumables such as coils will cost about 500 yen per month. Even if the additional cost is estimated at 1,000 yen, taking into account accidents such as liquid leaks, the running cost of a vape per month is still 5,000 yen. The initial cost of a vape is about 3,000 yen if the vape is inexpensive, although it is necessary to purchase the main unit. In any case, it will be obvious at a glance that the longer you use a vape, the bigger the cost difference between a vape and a paper cigarette.

Wide variety of flavors

Vapes come in a wider variety of flavors than either cigarettes or heated cigarettes. As vape popularity grows, the variety of flavors is increasing year by year, and countless products are available from domestic and foreign manufacturers. There are more than 250 types of liquids just on the shelves of domestic vape specialty stores "vape studio". Even if you have become accustomed to vaping and are tired of the standard flavors, you can still enjoy a wide variety of products without limit.

Incidentally, the classic menthol flavor has a strong throat kick, which is characteristic of cigarettes, and is recommended for smokers who are trying to quit smoking with a vape. By the way, the taste and mouthfeel of a liquid depends not only on the flavor but also on the ratio of G and VG: the higher the ratio of G, the stronger the flavor taste and aroma will be, and the higher the ratio of VG, the more vapor will be produced. When choosing a liquid, it is advisable to refer to the ratio of G to VG in addition to the type of flavor.

A wide variety of device designs

While heated cigarette devices are limited to a certain degree in terms of design, there is a wide variety of vape devices design. There are compact, easy-to-carry pen-type devices that are used while refilling with liquid, as well as high-performance box-type devices. POD-type vapes are already the mainstream overseas, and can be used by beginners as well, as they do not require refilling the liquid or replacing coils. There are also maintenance-free disposable VAPEs, in which the entire body is replaced after use, making them convenient to use with regular devices depending on the occasion. It is also a good idea to incorporate a well-designed vape as a fashion item to match your own style.

No fire hazard

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the most common cause of fires is smoking. In 2009, there were 39,373 fires that occurred, of which 3,712 were caused by cigarettes. This means that 9.4% of all fires that occurred were started by cigarettes. Incidentally, arson is the second leading cause of fires, accounting for 9.0% of all fires, and stoves are the third leading cause, accounting for 7.7% of all fires. On the other hand, in the case of vape, fire is not used in the first place, so there is no risk of fire unless there is an explosion accident.

One of the major advantages of vape is that you do not have to be afraid that a fire may occur due to your carelessness. Explosion accidents that have occurred overseas are mainly caused by mishandling of mechanical mods. Mechanical mods are batteries for advanced vape users and do not have built-in safety devices like easy-to-use technical mods. The appeal of mechanical mods lies in their high customizability, but they are difficult to handle and should not be used until you are familiar with vape knowledge.

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